Here at Wuff Groom, we think it is safe to say that this is not how we envisaged opening our grooming business. Covid-19 has resulted in much stricter guidelines, in order to reduce the spread of the disease, meaning we will not be able to have close contact with the owners to discuss the dogs groom.

To adhere to the guidelines on arrival all owners must follow all hygiene procedures put in place to minimise cross contamination. Owners will have to safely secure their own dog to the hook under the counter using the sterilised slip lead provided and move back 2m so we can collect the dog. 

All harness/collars and leads must be removed and taken home.

At a 2m distance we can then discuss the groom. If you are unsure about being at this distance, we are more than happy to discuss detail by mobile phone if you wish to stand outside and still be able to see your pet through the window.

All dogs must arrive thoroughly brushed /combed out as they must now be bathed immediately.

We will try our absolute best to maintain the desired style and understand that some dogs may be more matted due to the time elapsed between grooms. However, any overly knotted or matted coats may need to be clipped short. Dogs requiring extensive extra work may incur an extra charge as detailed in our de-matting section.

Our first concern is the welfare of your pet, but it must be clearly understood that owners wishing to have their dogs groomed at this time, do so at their own risk.

Anybody self-isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms, MUST NOT under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment. 

Only one client is permitted in the salon at one time. Times will be staggered to ensure this.

Prior to collection your dog will be misted down with a pet safe nontoxic, non-irritant anti-viral spray. However, it must be understood that if in the unlikely event a reaction occurs, we cannot be held liable. 

Many thanks for your co-operation Heather and Kate