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Please read this document carefully and provide your signature to confirm that all our policies, terms and conditions are fully understood.

Dogs must be Vaccinated

All dogs brought to Wuff Groom for a grooming session must be fully vaccinated, wormed and flead up to date. Any fleas found on your dog (if alive) will incur an extra charge of £10 added to the original grooming price.

Matted Dogs

If your dog is in a matted state and needs their fur clipped off, by signing this form you are granting us permission to do so. Clipping off matted fur can in some cases cause skin irritation or skin nicks from the close shaving. You the owner agree that Wuff Groom will not be held responsible for any affect that this has after the grooming session is complete.

We will spend no more than 15 minutes dematting your dog as part of the agreed groom session. Any extra time required to detangle/dematt will incur a cost of £10 per 30 mins on top of the cost of the groom.

Aggressive Dogs

We reserve the right to refuse to groom aggressive or difficult dogs with behavioural problems. The owner must agree to inform us if their dog is known to be aggressive or has ever bitten anyone. The owner understands that they will be legally liable for the consequences of all bites caused by their dog. If a dog shows excessive aggression during the groom we have the right to use a soft muzzle. If we are unable to complete a groom due to aggressive behaviour or injury to groomer or pet, the owner agrees to pay for any work carried out to that point.

Missed appointments

Any appointments which are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full and will need to be paid for before your next grooming appointment.

You will be given a time in which to collect your dog after their grooming session, please do not arrive early as this can upset your dog and makes it very difficult to finish the groom. Any lateness will incur and extra charge of £5.

Photos of your dog

Please note that during your dogs grooming session we may take photographs for our website and social media page, please make us aware if this is not something you agree to.

Please fill in the form below to accept our terms and conditions

Thank you for accepting our terms and conditions

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